"We believe in the dignity and value of work."

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Robots and automation are part of our everyday lives and are continuing to grow. Build With Robots is a tech company building robotics solutions that allow workers to do their job safer and more effectively.

At Build With Robots, we believe in the dignity and value of work. We are in business to make workers’ lives better. Working with our communities, our robots enable and strengthen the world’s workforce to be healthier, more productive, and more fulfilled.

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How We Do It

When people work with Build With Robots, their jobs become safer and less repetitive. By reducing drudgery and eliminating risk we can elevate our partners’ role.

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What we Do

Build With Robots is more than robots, it’s a community. We build worker integrated robotics and automation to makes workers’ lives easier and people safer. We learn the work and build the robotics that performs the dangerous, mundane, and awful tasks.

Build With Robots is where people come to find solutions that make all of our lives safer and better.  


Breezy One is the safe, easy, and effective way to get sanitized surfaces in minutes. Schedule a demo to see Breezy One in action.

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