Breezy One: The Autonomous Disinfecting Fogging Robot


Breezy One™ is the most reliable, consistent, economical method for routine disinfection of large spaces. Breezy One™ has been proven to eliminate up to 99.99999% of pathogens without exposing staff or visitors to irritating fog or contaminated surfaces.

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Army of One.

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Unrivaled Reach, Consistency and Speed

It’s impossible for manpower alone to clean every touchable surface in your facility. Upholstery. Keyboards. Vents. Imagine how long it would take to cover that much ground. If you tried, all those germs still wouldn’t be eliminated- your cleaning products may not be strong enough to kill them, and wouldn’t be uniformly applied even if they were.

But imagine a system that solves all that. One that does the work of 10 people in one hour. One that ensures every exposed surface is disinfected consistently- every single time. One tailored to your team’s schedule so they aren’t exposed to spray or fumes. One customized to your building’s blueprint. One guaranteed to work, to go farther, faster, better and longer than any other commercial solution on the market today.

That’s Breezy One™.

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Breakthrough Robotics

Breezy One™ is the best disinfection solution for large facilities. Period.

By using a certified PerfectPath™ Breezy One™ offers measurable, reliable performance to ensure any disinfectant application is predictable, consistent and auditable. This flexible technology can easily adapt to custom programming changes in building configuration, occupancy and fogging frequency.


Gone in 20 seconds!

20 seconds in here or 45 minutes for 100,000 sq ft out there…


Fully Autonomous

Deploys with the push of a button! Automomous, cloud based, and with a proven track record of robot safety in large scale, changing environments.



Eliminate staff exposure to harmful chemicals.


99.9999% Pathogen Elimination

Clean is not enough. Breezy One™ consistently disinfects nearly 100% of disease-causing bacteria, viruses and fungi that can’t be reached by traditional cleaning methods.

Extreme global connectivity means that the next pandemic could be one flight away

The CDC recommends more than traditional daily cleaning. Routine chemical disinfection is critical for minimizing the risk of transmission of disease. There is not a more economical, reliable disinfecting system for large spaces.

Source: CDC Influenza Division, Freidl, Meijer, deBruin et al Euro Surveill 2014; Cumulative case counts of h5n1 from WHO and Chinese Provincial reports

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